Blog 4: Proposal for cyber war rules of engagement.

February 3, 2011

Due Date: February 3, 2011

Article Sourcehttp://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/newsnight/9386445.stm

Article Date: February 3, 2011

Article Title: Proposal for cyber war rules of engagement


Cyber security has become a big issue in recent times and because of this the US and Russia are pushing the topic forward, to where it has now become a topic on the Munich Security Conference for the first time. With Egypt taking advantage of cyber world to send pro-government messages to China blocking certain website it has become an international issue that they hope to see make on to the Geneva Council. Many have said that “cyber war” is just hype but there have been documented daily cyber incidents and has been seen in the recent cyber attacks on the Stock Exchanges in Britain and the US.


With any rules or regulations come repercussions for businesses which means that they should be keeping track of any progress made in regards to cyber security and how it will impact their business either for better or for worse. Companies may have to implement new programs in order to obligate with any cyber security laws that might come into place. This  means higher cyber security for companies which is good but takes up their two most valuable resources: time and money. In addition, this might make it harder for businesses whose products or services are sold primarily through the internet. This means that if a certain customer is unable to access their website because of security there could be problems (not exactly sure if this is accurate as I am not a technological expert). Companies should definitely be involved in the issue of cyber security because of how it might affect their business transactions, communication between overseas subsidiaries, and just getting their product transferred through countries quickly. Higher security could work as a trade barrier because of the longer process that would analyze security risks. These are all situations that would most likely come out of the cyber security rules. One major benefit is that companies do not have their business taken over by hackers or just being used inappropriately. All in all though companies should be aware of the barriers that could be raised and how it will impact the supply chain or other business transactions.


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