Name: Brianna Sullivan

College: North Central University

Year: Junior

Major: Business Administration

Brief Testimony: Since I was two my family has been going to church and when I was four I accepted Christ as my savior at a Kids Rally. I have always been involved in ministry and have loved it (though there are some rough times) since my family has been involved in the church and especially since we planted a church. We were basically in charge of everything for a while when we first started out but now after five years it is nice to be in a building and to have fewer responsibilities. Finally, my life has been set on fire this last year and a half due to coming to North Central and then also from getting involved in an organization called Generation Revival that has helped to push deeper and deeper into God.

About Me:  I have lived in Minnesota all of my life and have come to love it. My family has lived in several cities over the years, Minneapolis, Prior Lake, Princeton, and now we are in Waconia. I am the first born and therefore have been the one who has had to be in charge of my two firey younger siblings over they years. I have a passion to cook and really hope God allows me to incorporate it with business and for His kingdom. I also love to scrapbook, swim, and bike.

About My Future: I would love to go off and do something awesome and exciting with my business major after college but unless God opens the door I think I will have to find a “regular job” for the first couple years. For my first job I would love to work at Target corporation as my dad works there and from my visits it seems to be a great place to work (and you can wear red and khakis any day, but I would probably save that for bad weather days). During that time I may get my masters, help a church or a Christian organization with their admin duties, or maybe something else. Down the road I would love to be able to work fulltime for one of those organizations or help a friend of mine start an African restaurant but really it is totally up to the Lord as to where I will live, work, etc.

About This Class: I am excited to take this class because I have always enjoyed going on missions trips, visiting different places, speaking different languages, eating different foods, etc. I really hope to learn more about how to do business abroad or at least how to make a business here in the US appealing to other cultures.



  1. Glad to have you in class again!

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